Where to Party


Yes, we admit it that partying is one of the most common night life routine we have. We’ve been switching clubs lately, and we really enjoy clubs with live performances. So if you are ready to party, here’s our top favorite clubs you can choose from.

House of Blues

Biggest performers go here, so for fans like us, it’s a special moment to die for. It can accomodate 2,200 attendees, sounds many? No. Most of the time they don’t know where to move those attendees because they always go above the limit. Legendary names such as Guns ‘N Roses and Dropkick Murphy performed here.

Empty Bottle (Chicago)

This club has been hanging around since 1997. It looks old style but still has good facilities. It can accomodate 400 customer daily. Independent singers go here to do their first solo concert and hundred’s of their fans will off course never dare to miss it.

Largo (Los Angeles)

If you are looking to spend your night in an interesting way, go here. Largo holds events that could be comedy or music performances. John Mayer performed here when he is not as famous as today. Adele has performed here too.

Joe’s Pub (New York)

Did you know that famous celebrities like it here? Feel like a star and experience a whole night of music and live performances. Only here at Joe’s Pub.

Bluebird (Denver)

Probably one of the oldest pubs out there. Biggest names in the music industry has performed here. So if by any chance you got lost in Denver, don’t miss this pub.