Table Saw Projects for the Food Enthusiast

Table saws are so great we decided to devote a whole article for its brilliance. These saws are the real deal. They can perform several tasks which would save you from having a lot of different saws for each different task. Table saws are versatile machines that deserve your attention. And if you’re a food lover, you should give it a chance. Who knows, it could be your best woodworking buddy!

These are the three projects you should try:

Food Shelves

DEWALT-DW745Don’t have enough shelves to keep your food or spices? Build a petite one that’s so easy to make! With a table saw, you can turn one 3-feet long 1×12 hardwood board into small shelves to organize your snacks. Just cut off a 21-inch long board for the shelves, cut it in the middle to create two shelves, then cut 45-degree bevels on both long front edges using your table saw. Next, bevel the ends of the other board, cut the necessary dadoes (grooves cut into the material using a table saw attached with a dado blade), crosswise, and split it into four narrower boards. You should have two that are 1-3/8-inch wide and two that are 4 inches wide. Apply a finish, assemble with brass screws, and that’s it! You just made reliable shelves for your food!

Rustic Pot Rack


Make your tummy even more joyful by building a rack for your pots. This project is also for those who can’t stop cooking their best dishes or who can’t seem to leave their kitchen! If you have lots of pans, then you’ll also love this project. Store them right using a rustic pot rack that’s built from a couple of rods and rough-cut cedar. This is the quick and easy project that will make your stomach happier.

Bread Slicing Tray

Lastly, if you’ve been seeking for a woodworking project which you can build easily, this is the best one. A hardwood bread slicing tray is a glorious thing to have.


Thanks to the slatted bottom, you can now slice bread with ease and just let the crumbs fall below the counter, enabling you to bask in freshly sliced bread direct from your table without the messy, annoying bits.

You could even build a cutting board that matches its design so that you could slip it into the carrier, making the slicing tray a serving tray too. Now you can serve your best dishes with ease!

The possibilities are endless with a table saw. Go ahead and try one of these projects now!

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