Relax and unwind

After a busy day at work, it’s time to reward yourself with some fun activities. That’s where the common phrase T.G.I.F (Thank God It’s Friday) comes from. Nightlife is not just all about partying and getting drunk. We can spend the night with other fun activities that will surely take that stress away.


Most of the bars and clubs today don’t close until you leave. They way wait for everyone to finally had their fill of dancing before closing. This reminds me of the song “closing time”. So, get your best dress on and hit the club. Not sure where to go? Go online and visit: to get the complete lists of clubs in United States.

Gamble moderately

We’re not sure if moderation is such a thing in gambling but it’s enjoyable and helps you become a risk taker; however if it becomes an addiction, that’s when it becomes a dangerous game to play. But if it’s for the sake of fun, it’s okay to burn some cash sometimes. To see all the best casinos in the world, visit:

Concerts and festival

Don’t miss biggest events near you by subscribing to Mingle with the crowd and be cultured. Life’s too short to stay home all day watching TV. Take advantage of discounts and other privileges by buying your tickets ahead of time.

Late Night Cinemas

Malls are closed but good thing that there are late night cinemas scattered all through out the metro. Not in the party mood? Still, call your friends and go for a movie date then a coffee session after would be nice too. See to see all the cinemas open even after midnight.