Dress to Impress

party girl

Nightlife is not complete without looking good. Who knows this might be the night you meet someone special. Circa28 has the best fashionable girls that would surf internet all day just to find the perfect dress. We can give you tips too on how you can save money by settling on what you already have.

Black is still the new black

It’s good to experiment with colors. But if you want to wear something classy and be sure that the color matches any event, go for black. We have what we call “little black dress” for a reason because it’s a classic look that anyone can pull off. We like black because it makes you appear slimmer and petite.

Kill them with a killer pair of shoes

First impressions last and we often look at what shoes a person is wearing. Please don’t forget to groom your nails off course. No matter how beautiful and expensive your shoes are, it’s a total turn off if you have dirty nails. It says a lot about your hygiene. When choosing shoes, wear something that is not too high or too flat. After all, you’re out because you want to have fun. Don’t spoil the night by wearing shoes that will kill your feet.

Don’t underestimate the importance of blazers

Whenever we wear something sexy, we always bring matching blazers to complement the whole outfit. Why? Because it’s too cold without it. Also, the thing with sexy dresses is, it makes you look you’re trying too hard. Wearing blazers can balance the whole look for some mixture of sexy and conservative look. But if you think that you are good without, then go ahead and do the catwalk girl.

Diamond is the girl’s best friend

Marilyn Monroe is right. Diamonds can make anyone look expensive. We like wearing diamonds at night because it is elegant and doesn’t sabotage the whole look. If you don’t have money to buy the real ones, you can get the fancy one. There are jeweleries out there that look like the real thing. When it come’s to wearing accessories, we like to have simple yet interesting. We don’t follow the norm and trends. We go by our instincts. When choosing accessories, buy something you really like and would love to wear everyday rather than just wearing it for one night.

Confidence is the key

Whatever you wear, always remember that you are beautiful. The whole look won’t matter if you are not proud about it. Wear a smile on your face and walk with confidence. It is the best perfume can ever wear because it attracts people and can make you feel good about yourself.