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CS:GO And Your Best Bet

Want to see how popular CS:GO betting is? Read how it works first!

The Fundamentals of Skin-Betting

CS:GO skin-betting is quite simple to understand. In here, players deposit their skins to the pot then play games. The game could be Jackpot, Blackjack, Roulette, Crash, Lotto, and a lot more.

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Whatever the game is, the winner is usually chosen randomly through provably fair—this is an algorithm used in online casinos too. The winner gets all the deposited skins in the pot, and he can either keep, trade, or sell those skins to the Steam Marketplace.

However, some sites calculate your probability of winning based on how valuable the skin you’ve deposited is. So, if you’ve placed a rare item in the pot, say a covert weapon like AWP with a Lightning Strike skin, then you’ll have a higher chance of winning. The payout that the winner will receive is the outcome of his stake multiplied by the odds.

More About Skin-Betting

CS:GO betting can also work in two other ways: one is to bet on results, and the other is to play a slot machine. Betting on the outcome of professional Counter-Strike matches is not unheard of. Players can bet their skins (sometimes even real money) to whoever they think would win a match. This type of betting is referred to as Money Line. Of course, the chances of winning will depend on how well the team performed previously and how impressive their previous win-loss record is. Betters can also bet on who they think will win in a specific map, since CS:GO consists of individual maps. Some teams may be better than others in a particular map, and if betters know this, they can bet on the outcome of an individual map match rather than the overall match.

csgo betting

In sites that offer slot machine games, players will be required to buy credits that cost a few dollars. After the purchase, they can open a crate which houses skins that differ in rarities. Players can obtain an ancient, red-colored knife or gun from crates.

The Truth Behind Skins

Ever since the Arms Deal Update, the popularity of skins in CS:GO have grown exponentially. Sure, they don’t change the power of the weapon, but these cosmetic finishes make players look “cool” with their unique and beautifully designed guns and knives. Skins also have different values depending on how rare they are. This excites players and encourages them to collect the rarest items available on CS:GO.

CS:GO Betting Is Better


Unlike in other multiplayer games where you can only bet on the outcome of the overall game, CS:GO allows betters to wager on the winner of individual maps. Needless to say, CS:GO offers more betting options and is more flexible to betters. With this, betters can follow and bet on their favorite team who’s strong in a specific map, even if the team isn’t that good at winning the overall match yet.